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V0.9.1 Beta

Mainboard V0.9.1 Beta.png


  • 5V DC/DC converter
  • 3x xESC Motor Controller
  • 5x Ultrasonic Sensor Connector
  • 4x Hall Sensor Input for Emergency Stop (Wheel Lift Sensor + Big Red Button)
  • 1x UI Board Connector
  • 1x Sound Module + Speaker Connector
  • 1x Rain Sensor
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 4 Mount
  • 1x ArduSimple GPS Mount
  • 1x Neopixel for Status Display
  • 1x MOSFET for Controlling Battery Charge
  • 1x Charging Voltage Sensor
  • 1x Charging Current Sensor
  • 1x Battery Voltage Sensor

Known Issues:

  • The hall sensor input connectors are 180 deg rotated (i.e. you can just solder them backwards and it should work out fine)
  • DFPlayer Voltage solder jumper not reachable after soldering IMU in place
  • C24 cannot be placed or IMU cannot be soldered

Improvements / ToDo:

  • Implement alternative connections so that we don't need to solder multiplexer / level shifters if ultrasonic sensors are not equipped.