Mower Dissection

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Why a mower dissection?

Don't worry, no bot will be injured here! Right now, only one mower model (the Yardforce Classic 500) is officially supported, but one of the long term goals of the OpenMower project is to be able to use more and more mowers, being of the shelf models or even custom builds.

To do that, the project relies and people willing to Open the mowers they own, (or even buy some to be dissected) and document their work for others.

How to contribute

Discussions on dissection are in the #mower-dissection channel in the Discord

A dedicated Google Spreadsheet has been open to document the dissections and list the compatible hardware. You can find it here To become an editor, tag @tinker0436 in the Discord channel and ask.

If you own a mower and are willing to take it apart to take some pictures, please ask for editing rights and fill the page.