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The OpenMower Community Wiki

Welcome to the OpenMower Community Wiki!

This WIKI was only just started on 2022-04-22, but we'll collaborate on getting good information on the OpenMower project collected here.

If you want to contribute to the Wiki: join the Discord, ask at the #wiki-authors channel for a wiki account and a wiki admin will create one.

Also head over to the #wiki-authors channel if you want talk about wiki related stuff.

How to Get Started

One of the first steps currently is to browse around the discord and understand what the project is about. You can also have a look at Clemens' second video (here) of the project that details how to assemble the bot.

First: Check the FAQ

When you're ready, you can have a look at the Building the Mower section to see the Bill of Materials and steps required and check out Builder Road Map for a practical take on what to do.

(Note this wiki is in progress and not complete yet, but we're working on it!)

⚡ Before checking out the community wiki head over to the Official Documentation at



There is a continually evolving FAQ that is a good starting point for understanding the project and getting answers to some key questions.

Project overview and timeline

Current status and future goals - See it here

Hardware Revisions

Open Mower hardware revisions, changelog, info: Moved to the official docs

Software Installation Old bare metal installation - not for users

On this page, you can find steps how to install a basic OpenMower system image.

Running OpenMower

On this page, you can find steps how to run the OpenMower software. We're doing: - Starting the Software - Magnetometer Calibration - Recording a Map - Starting the Mowing Process


On this page, you can find small HOWTOs for various things. Set here

Where to find more information

The entry points for more information are:

How to contribute

At the moment, there are different ways to contribute:

  • Building your own mower, testing the software and reporting bugs / committing fixes on the github repository
  • If you're not scared to see the inside of some mowers, please help us understand more about how they are built following instructions in the Mower Dissection page.


This Wiki is provided as-is and free of charge. No guarantees of any kind are made that the information contained herein is exact or correct or does not violate any local regulations or cause any security risk. Any use you make of any information given here is at your own discretion and risk.