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Here you can find various collected instructions on how to do various tasks related to the OpenMower project. Most are rather impressionistic and are not meant to be detailed, thoroughly tested guides, but more a quick notion on how to do something rather than having to be a detective and find out entirely on your own.


This material is provided as-is and free of charge. No guarantees of any kind are made that the information contained herein is exact or correct or does not violate any local regulations or cause any security risk. Any use you make of any information given here is at your own discretion and risk.


Please note that this project currently is in a very early stage! So don't go buying stuff right away! You will need to order and solder your own boards, since there are no assembled boards for sale yet.

Please make sure that you're actually allowed to build this device in your area. There may be laws / patents prohibiting you of doing so!

Please just be responsible and if you're not sure what you're doing, please don't do anything.

BTW the warranty of your brand new mower will obviously be void as soon as you modify it in any way, so be aware.

List of Mini HOWTOs